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Start of development, Munzili, a immersive interior designing app with CAD capabilities with the bleeding edge technology.

Incorporation of Hammer Studio, a legacy.

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Becoming a Member of the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Securing a $2,000,000 line of credit for series A.

New alliance with UNIQUX and REVES.

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Releasing of MUNZILI beta version.

Signing of partnership with Aptive8.

winners of the SGTECH most innovative immersive media application awards.

Invitation to Join the SGTECH.  

Selected as one of the consultation tech firm of National Defense, name confidential.

Secured $15,000,000 in Series B fund raise and Incorporated MUNZILI.

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Incorporation of Hammer Enterprise Holdings.

Incorporation of Hammer Foundations.

Hammer exits from Munzili after acquisition. 

Selected as one of the consultation tech firm of National Defense a second time, name confidential.

Incorporation of Hammer Hammer Tech.

Munzili received offer to be acquired.

Incorporation of Hammer Global Investments.

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Acquisition of Lumenpowers, a green energy startup.

Start up seed-funding to Bangladeshi tech Entrepreneur.

Investment into Wetbazaar, an online 100% organic product store. 

Venture into Bangladesh.

Investment into CarX, car configuration 


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Signing of the first venture capital fund raise series A with Pristine Life Science. 

Incorporation of Hammer Treasury, Venture Capital.

Hosted the first Investment webinar with Hammer Global Investments. 

Introducing Bangladesh: The Next Investment Frontier

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Mission to support small business through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hammer Enterprise Holdings invited to the Tech Blazer Awards 2021 as a supporting partner. 

Deeper exploration into Bangladesh to find untapped gems.

Making it happen
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