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Our Story

We started as a 3D cinematic & visualization studio known by the name Hammer Studio, incorporated in 2015, since then we have specialized in the immersive media technologies. After winning awards from Singapore Successful Business Branding and also for one of the most innovative immersive media award from the SITF Awards 2017 for our interior design application, MUNZILI, the highest national accords for Info-communication Technology companies receivable, Hammer Studio was re-branded as an Advance Immersive Media & application development company under the Hammer Enterprise Holdings as Hammer Tech.

Hammer Enterprise Holdings is dedicated to develop the future today with our subsidiaries in the deep technology industry, as Hammer Tech paves the road with digital innovations, our investment arm Hammer Global Investments actively searches for opportunities in Singapore and ventures in the emerging economies. Our key focus is in the transformation of hardware based systems to software based for the IOT (Internet Of Things) and Big data industry with our propriety systems, and the clean energy industry for a sustainable future.

We are Hammer Enterprise Holdings and we thank you for visiting us, share with our business teams your vision and we will work to make it a reality.



Roselan Araf

Founder & Managing Director

Roselan sits on the Board of Directors for several Singapore companies, including Hammer Foundations Pte Ltd and Hammer Studio Pte Ltd. He is also an adviser to five other companies, including Takasino Corporation Pte Ltd and Fukushimaya Corporation (S) Pte Ltd, since 2015.

Over a span of 3 years, he has successfully rolled out 5 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality related projects for organizations such as Nanyang Technological University, People’s Association Headquarters, and a construction/engineering company.

Roselan also holds membership to several distinguished business organisations such as the Bangladesh Business Chamber of Singapore, the Singapore Business Federation, and the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce. In July 2018, he was invited to join the Advisory Committee to SGTECH’s Open Innovation Platform (OIP), an initiative unveiled by Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Finance in Budget 2018.


Hammer Global Investments

Hammer Global Investments, HGI, the corporate advisory and M&A arm of Hammer Enterprise Holdings with presence in Singapore, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Hammer Tech

Hammer Tech, the research and development arm of Hammer Enterprise Holdings to support the spirit of innovation and the legacy of Hammer Studio. 

Hammer Foundations

Hammer Foundations, the corporate social responsibility arm of Hammer Enterprise Holdings for reaching out and giving back to the people.

Hammer Treasury

Hammer Treasury, the fund management and venture capital entity acting independently to venture into emerging economies.

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